2027 is a 12-month, salaried job and professional development programme, which gives talented people from working-class communities the tools to become a leader in grant-giving organisations.


At the heart of 2027 is a paid 12-month job at a leading foundation or trust. A grant-giving organisation such as a foundation or trust is a charity that funds individuals or other organisations to run projects that positively impact the community.

As part of the programme, you’ll be employed full time in a grant-giving role, with one of our dynamic host organisations with placements available UK-wide. You’ll deliver brilliant work, to improve the communities they serve, whilst receiving a salary over the year of up to £25,000.

Alongside your placement, you will take part in an extensive professional development programme, led by industry experts.  You’ll come together regularly with your fellow associates and leaders in the sector to take part in facilitated learning, network and explore key aspects of the grant-giving sector to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills.

This blend of training, networking and on-the-job experience will mean that, at the end of the 12-month programme you will have the experience and skills you need to prepare for a decision-making position in a foundation or trust to influence real change in communities.

We believe that all experiences bring value for positive social change, including knowledge and insights gained through direct first-hand experience of social issue(s) or injustice(s). We are committed to ensuring that people with lived experience have access to this programme and we value applications from ‘experts by experience’ / ‘lived experienced leaders’ and positively encourage applicants to reflect their lived as well as learnt expertise in their applications.

The Offer

Salary of £23,000 to £25,000

Up to £25,000 salaried job (£23,000 outside of London) where you’ll gain direct experience in a grant-giving role with a leading host foundation or trust.

Professional Development

You’ll undergo an extensive professional development programme led by industry experts.  The programme will comprise group and self-directed learning, coaching, mentoring and individual research, supported by the team.  The programme will be facilitated by experts across the sector and run by specialist organisations in people development and social change


You’ll develop relationships with like-minded peers and key leaders in foundations and trusts, building your profile and knowledge of the sector.

Career Progression

At the end of the 12-month programme, you will have the experience and skills you need to prepare for a decision-making position in a foundation or trust to influence real change in communities.  Your skills will also be highly valuable for leadership roles within the wider social sector.


In a grant-giving role, you will manage part of a host organisation’s grant portfolio
including work alongside current grantees and work to find fantastic new partners for your host organisation to work with. Alongside your new colleagues, you will keep the trustee board updated on the foundation portfolio, make clear and confident funding recommendations, and analyse foundation performance to identify improvements.

You will work with your foundation’s funder, to inspire their employees about the foundation’s work. You will also be responsible for ensuring the foundation meets all relevant legislative and compliance requirements. You will represent the foundation externally and apply your learning from outside to your work at the foundation.


Placements will be available UK-wide, and you can let us know your preferences around location when you apply.

What we’re looking for

To apply for 2027 you must meet the following eligibility criteria.  Please note that we can make exceptions on a case by case basis.  If you do not meet the eligibility criteria but believe we should consider your application please email 2027@koreo.co or call 020 3620 5252.

Experience: You must have at least 2 years of experience working in the community, in a frontline-based role either in a professional or regular voluntary capacity. This could be for example: as a teaching assistant, nurse practitioner, social worker, PCSO, community worker etc.  You will also self-identify as being from a working-class community

We are committed to ensuring that people with lived experience of social issues or injustices have access to this programme and value applications from ‘experts by experience’ and positively encourage applicants to reflect their lived as well as learnt expertise in their applications.

Skills: You will have the ability to use basic IT software packages (eg. Microsoft Office or equivalent).

Competencies:  There will be a number of varied roles available with a number of different foundations.  That said, there are 8 competencies which we believe are core to you succeeding on the programme. Through our selection process, you will be assessed against the competencies below.


There are 8 competencies which we believe are core to you succeeding on the programme and in your job. Through our selection process you will be assessed against the following criteria:

Community and customer focus:

Regardless of your job role, the community and its individuals are always your number one priority. You should understand who your community and its members are and show a commitment and desire to anticipate, meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

Communicate with impact:

We are looking for people who can communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing. You should be confident at conversing with a variety of people and be able to adapt your style to different audiences. You will be able to present your ideas appropriately and persuasively, while actively listening and engaging with others’ contributions.

Build positive relationships:

You will be a good team player and being able to build and maintain strong inter-personal relationships. You will be able to develop excellent professional relationships with colleagues and community members, respecting others and collaborating effectively to achieve shared goals. You will be able to provide and receive challenge in a constructive way and actively engage with others to resolve conflict or challenge.


We are looking for people who can retain focus, optimism and high performance even when faced with adversity or opposition. You will be able to remain measured and disciplined during challenging situations and stay focused on overcoming any barriers that are hindering achievement of your goals. You will view challenge, setbacks and failure as an opportunity to learn and develop.

Results driven:

It’s essential to maintain focus on your organisation’s mission and values at all times. As such, you should be goal orientated, identifying opportunities and being proactive in putting ideas and solutions forward. You will be a strong problem solver, able to take initiative and be confident in making informed decisions.

Innovative and entrepreneurial:

You will be curious to new approaches and will be creative in generating or adapting new and imaginative ideas to address challenges, organisational situations and problems. You will be critically aware, willing to critique the status quo and prepared to advocate for new ways of working.


You will cope well with changing demands and environments and maintain your effectiveness and productivity throughout. You will be flexible and able to work in different settings and with different people. You understand that change is often vital for improving services and adjusting to an ever changing social, political and economic landscape.

Commitment to personal development:

We believe the best socially minded leaders invest highly in their own personal development. You will be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses and continuously identify and act upon opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Applications open
18th January 2021- 31st March 2021

May 2021

Assessment Centre (Interview)
June 2021

Placement matching
July – August 2021

Placement Start
October 2021

Applications for  2021 are open now! Click below to apply to either the main programme or 2027 Scotland.

2027 Main Programme
2027 Scotland

Thinking of applying but want to find out more? Sign up to our webinar on 17th February 2021 here to hear from 2027 Associates about what you can expect from the programme.

Need help to write a great application?

Our application form is designed to help us see if you have some of the competencies (abilities you can demonstrate) that we’re looking for.  If you want some advice on how to answer the questions, you can find the useful “Writing a Great Application” pack by clicking here: 2027 – Writing a Great Application