2027 is a 10 year programme that is designed to shift power in the grant making sector. Its aim is to enable those not commonly provided a platform from working class communities, an opportunity to enter the sector, bring in decision-making expertise from minority and working class communities and to lead change.

Our Partnership Pilot programme provides CEOs such as yourself, the chance to engage with our talented 2027 associates who can and will provide a closer connection to their communities and help shape fresh thinking around topical leadership questions.

The partnership is reciprocal as you will also mentor and advise your partner as they develop their career trajectory in a new sector.

This is a new intervention designed to directly connect those at the top with those in more junior positions elsewhere and yet hugely experienced frontline workers within their communities. The time commitment is small but we hope the impact will be deep and transformational for all involved.

Please click here for more information about the partnerships pilot.

To sign up please take this short survey or for more information please emailĀ 2027partnership@gmail.com.