The 2027 programme will provide UK trusts and foundations with a cost-effective way to find and develop talent with deep frontline experience and real insight into the issues affecting communities. 


Anyone working in grant-giving must realise that it is a sector which fails to live its values when it comes to recruitment. Trustee boards, but also staff teams, are largely missing the voices of the communities we exist to serve and those that work deeply within them. We believe that with the benefit of some new voices and practices that allow those voices to be heard, we can go further as a sector.

The 2027 Programme exists to help grant-makers find candidates that tick all their boxes and to support them to make sure those candidates are trained, coached and supported to thrive at their organisations.

We now need foundations to say ‘yes’ and to open their doors to a new type of candidate – not at the expense of any current team members or trustees, but alongside them.

The 2027 Staff Programme

The 2027 Staff Programme is a one-year placement programme that supports grant-giving organisations to bring diverse talent with frontline work experience from working-class communities into their teams.

This is not an internship programme – you will be hiring a professional who is capable of and should be expected to fulfil a role within your organisation as any of your other grants team are.

In addition to the programme of support on offer to the individuals engaged in the programme, support will also be given to the host grant-makers to get the most out of their new team member and reflect on how their practices can best build on frontline and lived experience.

What you need to know

  • You pay a set salary for one year to the placement as well as a small training fee to take part in the programme;
  • The participant will take on a full-time role in your grants team;
  • All coaching, support and training is included within these fees;
  • Participants will spend 90% of their time with you in role and 10% on various training and support programmes;
  • Enrolment in the programme happens once a year with placements starting in October – commitments to participate are needed by July 1st;
  • Our comprehensive selection process will target candidates with the skills that grant-makers are looking for as well as the earned and lived experience that will add additional value to the foundation;
  • As part of our recruitment service we will work with you to match the most appropriate candidate or candidates to your team.


We know that the need for voices from working class communities extends past staff teams and into Trustee boards. That’s why we are also working on incorporating a governance element to the programme and offering training to boards of foundations and grant-making organisations. If you would like to be part of this or find out more, please email

Bespoke support

If you are looking to recruit outside of our programme cycle or have recently brought new voices into your foundation and want to support them to thrive, we are happy to have conversations about how to support you to find excellent, experienced candidates and/or support them into role at your organisation. For more information please email

Where do I sign up?

To sign up or find out more, please email